3rd BalkanSpa Summit Bukovička Banja Spa, Serbia

The third BalkanSpa Summit gathered about a hundred participants from 10 countries. Apart from the Balkan countries, we had speakers from Germany and Latvia. This was the Summit with the largest number of participants and the largest media coverage.

In three days, all aspects of the use of natural healing factors, marketing of the tourist destination, current trends in health tourism were discussed.

The idea of ​​working together to find the best way to promote the values ​​of the Balkans was slowly taking shape. This Summit is characterized by the joining of two associations: the Slovenian Spa Association and the Wellness and Fitness Association of Croatia. The undisguised enthusiasm, enviable life and professional experience of Iztok Altbauer and Marko Jurakić opened the doors of the Organizing Committee of the BalkanSpa Summit for them.