4th BalkanSpa Summit Tuheljske toplice, Croatia

The fourth BalkanSpa Summit was organized by the Wellness & Fitness Association of Croatia, headed by Marko Jurakić. This Summit is like lecturers from all over the world.

It was clear to everyone in the Organizing Committee that it is possible to move forward only if this Committee is institutionalized, that is, if it grows into some kind of association. After two days of deliberation and agreement, it was decided that the Organizing Committee would grow into the BalkanSpa Institute. To Vladan Vešković (Serbian Spas Association) was given the task of designing the organization and work principles, goals and mission of the future Institute.

By the same decision, he was appointed as the CEO of the BalkanSpa Institute and the team leader of the BalkanSpa Summit, which with this decision became one of the four professional centers of the BalkanSpa Institute.