Welcome to Belgrade!

All cities, like people, have their own personalities and souls. Belgrade is definitely not the most beautiful city in the world in the classical sense, but you will fall in love with it at first sight. No city is as millennia old and young at the same time as Belgrade.

Picturesque streets, lush parks, colorful markets, river banks, flea markets, cafes, bars and restaurants – they have a special beauty and charm with the first sunny days. Belgrade, its residents and visitors during the summer live intensely, passionately, having fun and dreaming at the same time. Its history, roots, culture, gastronomy, folklore, people and never lukewarm love for visitors – have a special charm, which sets it apart from other big cities in the world.

It stands proudly on a hill from which the most beautiful view of the Sava rushing into the embrace of the Danube can be seen. Hospitable, adventurous, traditional and cosmopolitan – Belgrade welcomes you with a discreet smile, revealing itself like a book – slowly. The turbulent past of the city unfolds before your eyes like a movie: newly built modern skyscrapers jostle with art nouveau pearls, and the remains of the Austro-Hungarian heritage stand as an antithesis to Ottoman relics and monumental brutalism. Yes, Belgrade is woven of explosive contrasts.

You have just arrived in Belgrade, and you are already planning how to get back to it!