BalkanSpa Summit Award


We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to each of you for participating in the BalkanSpa Summit Award 2023.

After careful consideration, the respected jury composed of: Prof. Dr. Zeki Mufit Karagulle (President, Turkey), Iztok Altbauer (Slovenia), Iuliana Tasie (Romania), Stavros Mavridis (Greece) and Vladan Vešković (Serbia) made their decisions, and we are pleased to announce the winners of the BalkanSpa Summit Award 2023:

Category 1: Thermal Spa Destination

Municipality of Vrnjačka Banja – Serbia

Category 2: Spa Hotel

Bacolux Hotels – Romania

Category 3: Spa Center in Urban Environment


Category 4: Medical Spa Center

Special rehabilitation hospital Banja Koviljaca – Serbia

Category 5: Innovation in Spa Therapy Program

Terme Sveti Martin – Croatia

Category 6: Spa cosmetic – aesthetic products

Aromara – Croatia

Nominate and be unique!

The BalkanSpa Summit Award will be presented for the first time this year at the 6th BalkanSpa Summit! 

With this award, we want to highlight all those who stand out for their courage, curiosity and willingness to take risks.  

Because there is no success without risk! Not in life, not in business.

So don’t hesitate to nominate yourself. Take advantage of the opportunity to be twice the first: the first among equals and the first winner in the history of the BalkanSpa Summit.   

BalkanSpa Summit Award Team


  1. Spa Destination, 2 sub – categories

A spa destination is a local self-government unit that is registered as a tourist spa destination under the local law on tourism. An application for BSA in the Spa Destination category can only be submitted by a local self-government unit, local destination management company or local tourist organization.

  • Balneo –Thermal resort
  • Climatic resort

Criteria – Presentation with film and portfolio 5 – 15 min

  1. Location – transport communication, airport distance
  2. Natural factors – mineral water, clean air, mud and peat
  3. Infrastructure and green area, parks
  4. Historical background and natural sightseeing
  5. Number of yearly working 4- and 5-stars spa hotels and bed capacity
  6. Number of beds in 2, 3 stars hotel, restaurants, recreation houses
  7. Information of services, cultural events, attractions, facilities
  8. Seasonality and occupancy rate
  9. Green policy and sustainability
  10. Nominations, prizes, certificates
  1. Spa Hotel

    Criteria – Presentation with film (5 – 7 min), photos and portfolio

    1. Location and infrastructure quality
    2. Category, number of beds, equipment, number of places in the restaurant, number of parking spots, conference halls.
    3. Year of finishing the building, year of latest reconstruction and renovation
    4. Specialization and unique qualities
    5. The presence of spa center with 1 or more swimming pools, sq. meters, equipment.
    6. Seasonality, occupancy rate
    7. Opportunity fordietandnutrition
    8. Availability ofcomprehensivespa product /concept, packages, programs/
    9. Number of employees, organizational structure, qualification.
    10. Marketing policy,
    11. Evaluation of theleading tour operators
    12. Mineral water
    13. More than 1 year working experience.
  1. Spa Center, 2 sub – categories


  • Spa center in urban environment
  • Medical spa center (having priority in curing, physiotherapy, paraffin, mud, autogenous training, music treatment programs, etc.)



  1. Location
  2. Square meters
  3. Interior and facilities/equipment
  4. Content of spa menu
  5. Presence of Unique spa programs and treatments
  6. Having priority in curing, physiotherapy, paraffin, mud, autogenous training, music treatment programs, etc.)
  7. Level of Qualification of the staff
  8. Level of Spa etiquette
  9. Evaluation of the guests
  10. Spa Management and advertising
  11. Presence of mineral water
  12. More than ONE year working experience.
  1. Innovation in Spa Therapy Program



  1. Balneological factors; mineral/thermal water, mud/peloid, gas (local, natural or manufactured)
  2. Balneological treatments; Balneotherapy, Drinking Therapy, Inhalation Therapy, others (combination of any)
  3. Type of spa establishment (hotel/resort, hospital/clinic, spa cure center, other)
  4. Experience (How long being in practice, collected data)
  5. Research on effects and efficacy or effectiveness
  6. Contribution to the development of Medical Balneology and Balkan Spa-sector

5. Spa Products, 2 sub – categories

  • Spa therapeutic product (Equipment or device for therapeutic treatment in medical rehabilitation)
  • Spa cosmetic – aesthetic product


  1. How long has been present on the market
  2. Brand concept
  3. Product category
  4. Product effectiveness
  5. Natural ingredients, lack of parabens
  6. Product portfolio
  7. Product qualities
  8. Distribution
  9. Marketing policy and strategy
  10. International presence
  11. Media coverage
  12. Contribution in development of Balkan spa-business

      6. Spa Manager


1.      Positive reputation, authority and good name

2.      Background, additional qualifications and specialization

3.      Excellent results achieved in development of spa center

4.      Efficiency and profitability of the activity of the spa manager

5.      Public engagement

6.      Marketing policy of the spa center

7.      Customers reference and evaluation

8.      Participation of International forums and awards received for the spa center

9.         Publications

10.    Minimum FIVE years’ experience as a spa manager.