Why BalkanSpa Summit?

BalkanSpa Summit mission and goals

Participants of the 1st BalkanSpa Summit – Albena, Bulgaria
Participants of the 1st BalkanSpa Summit – Albena, Bulgaria

Balkan countries have a very strong common tradition and culture of spas and health resorts. On the other hand, they have always been tightly connected politically and geographically. So, starting from these points and sharing the idea with our Balkan colleagues, the BalkanSpa Summit has appeared as a need and necessity. And we all believed from the start that the BalkanSpa Summit can play an important role in the development of Balkan spa industry in general.

On the previous five BalkanSpa Summits, in Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, we have done a lot, maybe more than we expected, when we started to write a new, fascinating, and unique story about Balkan spas, 13 years ago. Every year the number of participants was larger, we established a BalkanSpa Summit with four expert centers. There are few examples in which enthusiasm of serious people gives such serious, plausible and sustainable results.

Our mission is to collect all of the common ethnic components of the Balkan countries (traditions, culture, gastronomy, music, customs, and certificates tumultuous history) by profiling them, use it for the definition, creation and promotion of new tourist product in Europe – Balkan Spas. We will succeed if we follow all the quality programs of relaxation, prevention, and rehabilitation in our spas, “packed” in an authentic and intriguing tourist package, and show the rest of the world why we are unique. And why we are together.

We must be together, to do more! Doctors, experts of tourism, economists, architects, suppliers of equipment, and cosmetics, we are all part of the same story which can be written only if we are together! Stories about us, about the Balkan and his its values. Your participation at the BalkanSpa Summit is therefore, significant and valuable, even necessary.

Welcome to BalkanSpa Summit!


Significant decisions of the 2nd BalkanSpa Summit (Češme, Turkey) – To form Organizing Committee and four expert centers!
From left: Stanimir Stankov (Bulgaria), Prof dr Zeki Mufit Karagulle (Turkey) & Vladan Veskovic (Serbia)

Experts about BalkanSpa Summit

Spa professionals of Balkans, unite!